Samir Phuyal

16, Entrepreneur, Morang


    Samir is a full-stack web and app developer from Morang. He develops websites and apps that

    solve some problem in society. He has initiated online advertising platform called “” an online advertising platform with the vision of digitalizing newspaper ads.

    It aims to facilitate trading between buyers and sellers. NayaKinmel has every feature for

    connecting buyers &amp;amp; sellers including User Dashboard to manage their advertisements,

    advanced searching for finding suitable items, detailed listing info for advertisement post,

    whole site available in the Nepali Language for easier use, Discussion section etc

    He has also taught more than 10k people to use Django to build a web application and also

    have built Magic of Words Summaries with QnA app. He is also running Hamro TechYouTube

    channel which teaches web development and programming on Nepali Language.

    In next five year, he sees himself making “NayaKinmel” more versatile and introducing its app

    version too. Also will be running a blog with his team to increase awareness about the

    technology and teaching programming to more students through online.