Rachin Kalakheti

17, Technopreneur, Makwanpur


    Rachin kalakheti is the Founder/CEO at Videha Ltd. It is a Software startup that uses latest

    cutting-edge technologies to create software. He is also into Quantum programming an IBM

    certified Data Science Professional and Stanford University certified in Machine Learning.

    Currently, he is working on project to complete the diagnosis solution for human using

    computers and AI.

    He has developed diagnosis for chest, knee and skin cancer also working on further project like heart attack prediction, breast cancer prediction, brain disease diagnosis, etc. He is also involved in Augmented Reality based E-learning app which focuses on providing concepts to learners, which will help to achieve quality education. He has been teaching people through his Youtube channel.

    In coming 5 years, he wants to solve real world problem and help everyone through the use of

    cutting-edge technologies in medical and educational sector.