Bikram Parajuli

18, Tech Educator, Pokhara


    Mr. Bikram Parajuli is a high school graduate who is working on a number of projects revolving

    around STEAM education and digital literacy. He has founded “The Nepalions” in 2017 as a

    community of teens to create a platform for youths to come forth to contribute to society.

    He has organized a 3-month-long program on Arduino, IoT, and robotics in different schools in

    Pokhara. Also, he is involved as a mentor at Karkhana and volunteering to introduce STEAM-

    based education to foster communication, collaboration, critical thinking and cooperation

    through the process of hands-on learning. Currently he is delivering free Creative Computing

    Course for local youth as a part of the maker mentor program. He has taken a number of

    classes in both community and private schools on robotics and electronics.

    His latest ongoing project is to build and deploy a cheap and solar-powered local server that

    can provide access to Wikipedia, Medical Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, WikiHow, Disaster

    Management etc .

    He is also working to build Nepali modules according to the curriculum of Nepal which will

    provide a solution for e-library with enough contents to help students study and communities

    solve basic problems under Rs. 8000. The device can be deployed anywhere and requires no

    internet to function and is low powered enough to be powered with a solar-charged power

    bank. It can be accessed by up to 20+ devices at once through wifi or LAN cable or it itself can

    be used to browse stored content by adding a mouse and display to the materials.

    Furthermore, he is also running Critical Thinkers’ Club which organizes a peer-to-peer

    discussion on various topics every month.