Bidhi Mandal

19, Entrepreneur, Janakpur

    GTH<Space> BM

    Currently, Ms. Bidhi is designing a prototype for her social business called “Aawas”. Aawas is a

    Venture that aims to build construction materials such as bricks, roof and floor tiles out of

    Plastics. Her idea was selected as top 27 for 4th Yunus National Social Business Challenge and

    UNDP Youth Co: Lab 3.0 and is still in the competition. Aawas aims to help families with

    substandard housing conditions to have better homes, whereas the huge amount of plastic

    waste i.e. 82.56 metric tons will be recycled. She has been working on this project since 2018 by

    doing research, finding like-minded people, and understanding the situations and conditions of

    youths in startups.

    Apart from Aawas, she is involved as a member in Young Female Leadership Forum AYON and

    as a marketing and outreach intern for Code for Nepal Visit Janakpur initiative, an initiative

    taken by Mr. Ravi Kumar, a World Bank employee, to promote tourism and of Janakpur through

    various platforms.

    In 5 years, she aspires to change her start up into scale up and continue her formal education.